The Internal Workings of a Flashlight - How a Flashlight Works.

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duracell flashlights how they work

The Parts of a Flashlight

The housing, usually a tube that holds the parts together.
Component that controls the flow of electricity.
Plastic or metal piece that mounts around the lamp.
Thin metal spring or strip that completes the electrical contact.
The light source-tungsten filament or LED element.
Clear plastic or glass that protects and may magnify the lamp.
The power source for the lamp.

How Do They All Work Together?
Pushing the switch to the ON position allows the contacts to complete the circuit between the lamp and the batteries. Once electrcity flows from the batteries, the filament in the lamp, or the LED element begins to glow. Battery placement is critical, as the electricity must flow from the positive terminal(s) of the battery, through the lamp, to the negative terminal(s) of the battery in order for the lamp or LED to be energized.
Once the filament or LED begins to glow, it produces a visible light that reflects off the reflector and out and away from the lens. The lens focuses, and in some cases magnifies the light, producing a steady beam of light.
Pressing the switch to the OFF position interrupts the flow of electricity and extinguishes the flashlight .


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